Adopt A Class!

2023 - 2024

The following classes are adopted by a Governor

Wolves - Mrs Jones

Bears - Mrs Cooper

Giraffes - Mrs Jackson

Zebras - Mrs Coates

Foxes - Mr Patten

Sharks - Mrs Coates

Tigers - Mrs Blakemoore Irving

Owls - Mrs Keville


          Adopt a class report                      

Upon my arrival at Orrets Meadow school I was immediately embraced with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.  This was created by the behaviour of both staff and pupils. Within the school day there was a clear structure through a visual timetable. It was clear that using this structure created a positive learning environment as the pupils were well behaved and knew how to behave throughout the school day. In terms of teaching there was a range of different learning techniques used, for example phonics, multi-sensory, alphabet arcs, flashcards and linkage writing. I was particularly impressed with this as I thought that the learning needs of each individual pupil were met through the philosophies of teaching that Orrets Meadow implement.

Throughout the tasks set all pupils completed and stayed on task with visual and verbal reminders. Another teaching technique that I noticed was the use of positive reinforcement, on more than one occasion the pupils were praised. I was impressed by this method and it was easy to see that this had a positive effect upon the pupils.  As well as this, there was continuous provision for the pupils, help was always on hand and I feel this was a big factor of the pupils staying on task.

 Throughout the tasks, that included maths, the pupils used Numicom to order numbers by size and make totals of 10. There was also a lesson on division, this was introduced through visual aids and using coloured paper, this then enabled the pupils to demonstrate how to divide. 

Within the English lesson, the pupils learnt a small rhyme and they all took part. Within this piece there were missing words and the pupils had to reveal the missing word. Another impressive learning facility is ‘Bug Club’, which is an online virtual reading tool that the teachers have recently implement.  This produces a platform of enjoyable reading for the pupils and gives them a greater opportunity in increasing their phonic ability. Personally I feel this a fantastic way of learning for the pupils as this enables them to improve their reading. 

In conclusion of my experience, I feel that Orrets Meadow are a leading institution of teaching pupils with learning difficulties. Their ways of teaching are orientated around the individual and I feel the pupils benefit from this.  Their recent attainment of ‘Outstanding’ from Ofsted is fully deserved and the pupils are a credit to the school. The staff at Orrets Meadow also deserve huge credit for their commitment and innovative ways of teaching.

Thank you for my visit