How are we working together 2023-24

The three ASD schools, Orrets Meadow, Hayfield and Clare Mount have a special working relationship.
Over the year we plan for a wide variety of activities to take place which encourage collaborative working and raising standards across the three schools.
Quality of Education
  • Moderation of Maths
  • Quality of Curriculum
  • Subject leader updates - English and Maths
  • Subject leader moderation - English and Maths
Leadership & Management
  • Strategic planning and evaluation - Governors
  • Planning and evaluation - Headteachers
  • Quality of Education - Learning walk, lesson observation, book scrutiny
  • School Governance - safeguarding governors
  • Best value and fund raising opportunities
Behaviour & Attributes
  • Joint inset - supporting and understanding needs of pupils with social communication difficulties
  • Joint staff meting - Attention Autism
Personal Development
  • Parental engagement
  • Transition to Clare Mount
  • Interschool Sport events