After Orrets... the future....

What happens to our pupils after Orrets?
Dear Mrs Duncan & Colleagues, 
Matthew left Orrets Meadow 7 years ago and has just finished Y13 at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC after being at Clare Mount for 5 years.
Some of your staff will remember him from his time at Orrets, so please let them know about his recent success which the Orrets staff helped set him on the path to!
They may recall that he was one of your first pupils in the ASD base and also has dyslexia amongst other difficulties. Matthew has just completed a BTec L3 Diploma in Applied Science at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC, and is expected to be awarded Distinction stars (D*D*D*), which is equivalent to 3 A Levels at grade A. He has the most BTEC points in the cohort!
The staff at Orrets played a part in setting up Matthew to be able to learn, and get along woth others, and the success of their commitment to the pupils is evidenced by how well he is now performing academically and as an individual. I am still finding the successes he has experienced very surreal, especially given his starting point and difficulties along the way.
So thanks must go to everyone in all the teams within your school for everything they have done to support the pupils over the years.
For Matthew that meant things like staff not wearing anything scented, being able to turn off everything in the sensory room, and attending clubs at lunchtime as well as ensuring he could read and write.
Please keep doing what you all do so well and enjoy a well earned summer break!
Thanks again - Matthew's mum
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Dear Mrs Duncan,

We would like to update you on Koby as he has just left Woodchurch High School & spent his final year as Head Boy.

Koby has completed his GCSEs & we’re looking forward to his results in August with confidence.

Koby has come such a long way since leaving St Saviours when he joined you at Orrets Meadow in year 4 & was such a shy boy struggling to read & write.

Koby left Orrets Meadow a completely different person, happy & confident in himself. His ability to read & write allowed him to process as a continuous learner & he’s now developing his creative side & planning to go to Liverpool college to pursue his passion of photography.

We wanted to thank you & your Team for giving Koby a great foundation to build on.

Best Wishes
Kobys Mum