Orrets Meadow Civic Award

The Orrets Meadow Civic Award


The Orrets Meadow Civic Award provides 5 key areas for children in Year 6 to be involved in a range of challenging, worthwhile activities.

The award aims to promote:

  • good citizenship
  • self-reliance
  • service to others
  • personal achievement in physical activities
  • wise use of leisure time

Being involved with the award heightens awareness of participants’ own value within their family and community and their ability to contribute to their own well-being. It also gives them a valuable insight into the geography, history and governance of the Wirral Peninsula, which compliments the school’s Wonders of Wirral module in the summer term.


Year 6 pupils will been given the opportunity to participate in fun, useful and challenging activities which will see them take trips to experience first hand what the Wirral has to offer. Pupils will also attend an assembly ceremony in school to celebrate their successful completion of this prestigious

All successful candidates are presented with the Civic Award during the ceremony in the summer term.