Home School Link Worker - Michelle

Meet Michelle, our Home School Link Worker.
Michelle works full time at Orrets Meadow, supporting our families.
Michelle phones the families she works with each week to see if they require any support and to check in on their well being.
Michelle runs parent workshops, attends multi agency meetings and is one of our safeguarding leads. 
Michelle can help you with lots of different things, including;
* Signposting you to support
* Help you get financial support and claim different benefits
* Support you with your child's behaviour in the home
* Attend tricky appointments where you just need someone with you
* Offer you someone to talk to when things get tricky or you feel down
* Provide food vouchers
* Help you fill in paperwork 
* Pick up your child if they have missed the bus and it's just one of those mornings!
Plus lots more...........................
We are very lucky to have this valuable resource and parents and carers welcome her suppport.