Tiger Class - Mrs Gordon

Welcome to TIGER CLASS


Welcome to the Tiger class page!

Our Class  Teacher  is Mrs Gordon and our Classroom Assistants are Mrs Wynne and Mrs Bridson.   There are currently 12 children in our lovely classroom that is equipped with its own sensory room.


We will be working very hard this year and producing some fantastic pieces of work.  We have a structured time table , the morning routine is:














Afternoon Lessons


In English this year we are learning skills through a range of topics such as Greek Myths and Legends, instructional writing and poetry.  In Maths we are studying methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We like to use lots of practical resources such as Numicon, Base 10 and number lines to support our learning.


In group time we look at areas where the children need additional support. Currently we are following a Dimensions curriculum called 'Starting Again' to support our return to school. We work as a team to meet the needs of individual children and cover areas such as fine and gross motor, memory and handwriting.


In the afternoon we cover lots of exciting subjects such as PE, RE, Computing, History and Geography, Art & Design through our creative curriculum.