Staffing Structure

Headteacher - Mrs Duncan

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Warren 

Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Billington 


Wolf Class   - Miss Dunning


Bear Class  - Mrs Billington


Giraffe Class - Miss MacGregor


Zebra Class - Mrs Walsh


Fox Class -  Mr Ferris-Rice


Shark Class - Mr Saul


Tiger Class - Mrs Gordon


Owl Class - Miss O'Brien


Mr Campbell and Mrs Fleming cover PPA and Management time across the school.


Mrs Williams leads Speech and language, Social groups, lego therapy and Talk Boost interventions.


Rachel Hughes is our Speech and Language Therapist - she is in school every Wednesday.


We also have a private speech therapist who attends every Tuesday.


We have a Shine Therapist every Thursday, who supports the children with sensory regulation and diets.


Michelle King is our full time Home School Link Worker.


Designated Safeguarding Lead and Health and Safety Lead - Mrs Duncan


Chair of Governors - Mr Patten

Vice Chair - Mrs Cooper