Shark Class - Mr Saul

Welcome to Shark Class
Shark Class is taught by Mr Saul and some lessons are led by Mr Campbell. The teaching assistants in this class are Mrs Ward and Mrs Maddocks.
This term we will be studying:
Topic - Athens v Sparta
Science - Animals, Electricity
Computing - Basic Skills, E-Safety, E-mail
PE - FUNs, Athletics
PSHE - Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World
RE - The Bible, Care and Concern, Christmas
Social Skills
Life Skills - Personal Care, Resilience
Helpful Resources: Purple Mash - a brilliant resource with a huge variety of subject content, tools, games and challenges. Interactive, fun and allows (safe) communication between pupils. Twinkl have opened this section up for free for a month to help parents with home learning. It is a wealth of information, advice and resources. My advice would be to download anything you like before the free period ends!
https:/ (Fantastic resource with all subjects on: videos, tasks etc. - they are also running daily lessons from Monday 20th April) - Great resource for parents - lot of links and free resources. This link gives some helpful information about school closures and advice for parents. One of the best for Maths games.