Bear Class - Mrs Billington

Welcome to BEAR CLASS
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Class Teachers : Mrs Billington
The team consists of: Mrs Fleming
                        Mrs Forshaw
                        Miss Love
                        Mrs Taggart
                                        Mrs Duggan 
                        Mrs Jones
Sensory Circuit: Mr Kieran Willetts   
 We have a wonderful classroom with lots of great resources to help us to learn. We also have a sensory room where we can relax and enjoy reading or talking to our friends or just being calm and quiet by ourselves.  We use a visual timetable to support our learning and to help us know what order we will do things each day. 
Our morning routine involves:
Spelling and phonics
English / reading / handwriting
Multiplication activities
Group time: 12:00 to 12:30 During the first few weeks back to school we will be completing ' coming back to school' activities. These will include emotional, social and friendship activities to support all pupils in building confidence and self esteem after such a long time off. 
The following weeks we will resume our additional needs groups.
12:00 - 12:30
Monday - Thursday
We go to additional needs groups.
These might include :
fine / gross motor
Thinking skills
Listening skills
Computer skills
Keyboard skills
After additional needs groups we go to lunch and then out to play or to our lunchtime club. There are lots of clubs to choose from including: computers / minecraft / sewing/ football and many more.
In the afternoon we follow the Dimensions curriculum. This is an exciting interactive curriculum that teaches us all about the world. Within the curriculum we cover:
Social skills
Life skills
Religious education