Owl Class - Miss O'Brien

Welcome to OWL CLASS
Teacher: Miss O'Brien
TAs: Mrs Walsh, Mrs Binnell, Mrs Williams and Miss McMullen
                               Autumn                   Spring                        Summer
English                Greek Myths        World Cultures      Kensuke's Kingdom
                                   and                           and                       and
                     The Railway Children      King Arthur               Africa
Science        Animals inc. Humans         Electricity  The Circulation System
                                 and                          and                       and
                            Evolution                     Light          Healthy Choices     
Topic             The Ancient Greeks   Hundertwasser      Wonders of Wirral
                              and                           and
                        Liverpool         Earthquakes and Volcanoes
PE                        Dance                    Outdoor Ed                 Swimming
                              and                          and                             and
                         Athletics                Team Games            Fielding Games
MFL                   French                     French                       French
Music                Ukelele                   Orchestra                 BBC 110 Peices
Computing      E-Safety                  Multimedia                Programming
                          and                                                                and
                      Multimedia                                                 Data Handling