Meet Our School Council...

One child from each class is nominated to be an important member of the School Council. The Council meet as regularly as possible to discuss matters regarding the School.

Meet the Council...

Class 1 - Harry

Class 2 - Katie Mai

Class 3 - Annie

Class 4 - Louie

Class 5 - Kamron

Class 6 - Alfie

Class 7 - Ruby                                                                                                                                                                                                     

What a great team of School Council members!!

The Council meet every half term with Mrs Duncan to discuss all matters regarding school - click on DOWNLOADS to read the meetings minutes and other information. Last year they requested a Friendship Stop, Own clothes day for St Johns Hospice, Led an Anti Bullying campaign, changed the school lunchtime menu and supported the bid for a school minibus. The school council were successful in all of the above activities!!


NEWSFLASH - School Council have spent their budget on 2 remote control cars, scooters and new footballs for the playground. They have also bought the Minecraft App to go on all of our Ipads, as pupils reported they would like a Minecraft Club at lunchtime.  Enjoy!!