What do parents and pupils think of Orrets Meadow?



What do our parents think of Orrets Meadow?
  • Very pleased with his progress and very happy he attends OM.
  • Wonderful school and wonderful staff!
  • She has made lots of progress and seems happy and excited to go to school every day. She has settled well into her new setting. We have less tears and upset since moving here! Well done to the staff for their amazing support!
  • This place is amazing and we are very lucky to have got a place here!
  • I am very happy he attends OM as I know it offers the best education that he needs.
  • She transitioned to OM from another specialist school and is doing excellently. The school have been very flexible in meeting her needs. Perfect placement!
  • I have never experienced a bullying situation in OM, hence the don’t know.
  • Fantastic school and staff.
  • Very good school.
  • He really enjoys coming to school each day and we are so happy with the fab progress he has made since starting in Sept 2018.
  • Amazing school. We are happy with OM and would highly recommend. Teachers and TAs give great support, second to none.
  • My child’s confidence has  grown due to the surroundings and fantastic support from his staff, this has resulted in him wanting to come to school to learn and make great progress. We can’t thank you enough OM – You have been fantastic!
  • We are very impressed with the progress she has made during the 6 months she has been at OM.
  • Since she has been at the OM her confidence is unbelievable. Her reading and writing is fantastic. She has made lots of friends. Thank you for making her happy and safe.
  • We couldn’t be happier about how he has progressed at OM.
  • His anxiety has significantly improved since starting OM. He is also talking and communicating more at home.
  • I could not recommend this school strongly enough. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and supportive. I literally couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you!
  • He is so happy at this school. We feel very lucky that he is attending OM. The progress he has made is unbelievable and the support we receive as parents is invaluable!
  • He loves his rainbow school. We are very happy with his progress. Thank you to everyone, keep up the good work!
  • Brilliant school. The staff are fab, They have worked wonders with my son.
  • Thank you for all your ongoing support. You are all amazing!
  • She loves this school as well as all the teachers and staff. She is very happy here and will miss everyone when she leaves in September.
  • Since joining the school he has made amazing progress and looks forward to going to school. There is no better place he could be that provided everything for his needs.
  • He has never been happier. He has come on in leaps and bounds. Thank you so much.
  • My daughter has thrived at OM and is extremely happy at the school. I would 100% recommend the school to anyone!
  • Both our son and family could not be happier as to his progress and how happy he is at the school. We cannot speak highly enough of the school and staff collectively.
  • This school is amazing to think how much my son has achieved in one year of being here is unbelievable!
  • We are really pleased with all the support he has received and can’t believe how much progress he has made in a short time. Thank you!
  • We can’t thank the staff at OM enough for all they do. What it has done for our son is beyond words!
  • Overall she has had a very positive experience and really enjoyed her time here.
  • I cannot say enough good things about OM – it has changed all our live for the better beyond belief.
  • OM has helped our son so much, all we can say if thank you so much!
  • Moving our son to this school was the best decision we ever made!
  • He often comments that he loves this school! We think it’s the best school ever! Thank you for being so amazing!
  • My son has made excellent progress at OM in all areas. Great staff – amazing school!
  • We would love a high school just like OM. He has progressed massively since starting OM. Thank you all!
  • Our child continues to make great progress at OM. It is an excellent school in every way!
  • Since starting in September our child has settled in well and is really happy at OM. She had made great progress in her reading and writing.
  • His confidence within himself and his learning has had a significant boost since joining OM. Thank you!
  • He has come on really, really well at OM. I can’t thank the teachers enough. Brilliant school!

Parent Survey

100% said they believed their child had made good progress in reading and writing.  Some described progress as "Progress is beyond our expectations" "Fantastic progress in a short time" "I am beginning to see a real difference " "Definitely improved".

100% think the school is well led and managed, 100% feel behaviour is dealt with clearly and fairly, 100% feel children are safe in school and are taught how to keep safe and 100% said teaching was good. 100% would recommend the school to another family, with many saying they already have.

"I will forever hold the school and staff in the highest regard, OM has not only helped my son's education but it has totally transformed all our lives and I will be forever grateful."

"I honest can't fault this school in any way."

"He is a lot more confident in himself and a lot more settled. It's no longer a battle to get him to school!"

"OM has been a lifeline for our son. He has come on so much since he started. I am so very grateful for everything you do."

"OM is an excellent school. My child has made amazing progress, not only in Maths and English, but with her confidence. The school has a very special, caring environment which allows the children to develop as a whole."

"The school and everything it does is AMAZING! I feel blessed my son has a place."

New parent  "What a transformation in less than a month since XXX started Orrets Meadow. He seems so much happier. We are delighted with Orrets Meadow and so pleased we switched schools and will now benefit from 6 terms at this outstanding school. Thank you and your team for all your help. You must feel so highly rewarded and proud of the work you and your team are undertaking."

Visiting parent  Dear Mrs Duncan, I just wanted to say thank you for your time showing us around your fantastic school. We were blown away by the ethos and facilities you have there. Could you please let the children know that we were extremely impressed with their maturity and friendliness and your head boy and girl were a delight to meet. Many thanks.


The views and opinions of children are considered to be very important and children are regularly consulted and surveyed. From a survey in Feb 2019, 100% of pupils said that they learnt a lot in lessons. 100% said that teaching at Orrets Meadow helps them with their reading, writing and maths. 100% said teaching is good. All pupils say behaviour is good in lessons and believe the school deals with all types of bullying very well.

"I used to be scared to pick up a pencil. Now I can write well"

"I used to be scared on my first day but it's really good at Orrets Meadow. The teachers are really nice."

"We only have small classes at Orrets so they help you get better in your work."