Giraffe Class - Mrs Gordon

                                          Welcome to GIRAFFE CLASS

Welcome to class 3! Our class teacher is MRS GORDON. Mr Campbell teaches class 3 on Tuesday mornings and he teaches us German on a Monday afternoon. Mrs Mervyn and Miss Johnson are the class teaching assistants. There are currently 10 children in our lovely classroom, equipped with its own sensory room.

We have been working very hard so far this year and have been producing some fantastic pieces of work. We have a structured time table, the morning routine is:






Afternoon Lessons
In English this year, we are learning skills through a range of topics, such as Roald Dahl and Robots! In maths we are studying  methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We like to use lots of practical resources such as numicon, base ten, cubes and number lines to assist our learning. 
In groups time after maths, we look at areas were we may need extra support in (additional needs). Class 2 and 3 join together to meet the needs of individual children. This term we will be working on social skills, socially speaking, fine motor skills and gross motor skills. 
In the afternoons we cover lots of exciting subjects, such as: PE, RE, computing, French, Science, topic and much more. In topic we learn history, geography, art and DT through our creative curriculum. 
In class 3 we follow our Orrets Meadow behavior system and start each lesson on the Orrets Meadow space ship. We are a well behaved class and are rewarded with golden time every Friday.